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The Unexpected Growth Tip: Sack a Client

With all this talk of downturn, why not go against the flow and do something radical? A client of mine did and she's still reaping the benefits. If you work with anyone who drives you nuts, you'd best read on.

One side-effect of these tricky times is the propensity to work with the kinds of clients who, normally, you'd turn your back on.

Sure, it's challenging to shut the door on income. But it's even harder to return money.

That's what Sally did. Here's how she broke the news to me:

"I did something that feels just great --- I sacked the client I told you about and gave him back his deposit. Wow. In a way it was pretty awful and as a result I've only been able to pay myself half a wage this month, but I actually don't care.
"The relief of having him out of my life is so huge. I was beginning to dread coming in to work knowing I'd have to deal with him. His constant criticism made me seriously doubt myself and my ability to do my job.
"A part of me thinks I should have tried harder to make it work. But gosh it feels good. I wake up happy to come to work and I don"t feel sick every time the phone rings. So the bigger part of me thinks it was the best thing."
A few weeks on and I am pleased to report Sally feels better and better and she's back to paying herself fully.

What would you do in such a situation? What would you say to Sally? Post a comment and let's hear it.

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