The Ultimate Cold Calling Tool

Last Updated Jul 22, 2011 2:35 PM EDT

Instructions: Bookmark this page. Then, before a cold call, open this link. As you talk with the customer, listen for the objections below. When you hear one, click on it, and use one of the responses. Then click on ASK FOR THE APPOINTMENT and use one of the requests. Try it!
Note: If you like this tool, don't thank me. Thank Barry Rhein, who gave me this idea. Barry takes the generic ideas like the stuff in this post, and helps you make it specific to your company, thereby increasing your success rate. Check him out.

READERS: This and other, even more powerful, techniques are described in the"Sales Machine Book", which is now available for pre-sale here:

NOTE: All pre-sale royalties are donated to Wide Horizons for Children, an organization that facilitates foreign adoptions and orphanages.

IMPORTANT: Once you're past the cold-calling stage, use: THE ULTIMATE PROSPECT QUALIFICATION TOOL