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The Top Cloud Storage Tips of 2010 (Dave's Picks)

2010 was, in many ways, The Year of the Cloud. When it comes to online file storage, the Internet is getting more robust, reliable, and capacitous (that's a word I just made up which means "having a lot of capacity") all the time. Here are ways to take advantage of the cloud in your own business.

Get 768MB of Extra Dropbox Space For Free

If you read Business Hacks, you know that Rick and I rarely agree about anything -- except Dropbox, which we both think is awesome. Here's the newest way to get almost an entire extra gigabyte of storage at Dropbox for free.

Share Huge Files with Multiple People At Once

Need to share files so large they can't be e-mailed -- and maybe they don't even fit on Dropbox? No worries. Try this.

Easily Receive Large Files from Anyone

We love the way Dropbox is extensible, so anyone can write apps and create services that let you do more. Here's a great example: Co-workers can easily send files to your Dropbox account with a single click.

Let Anyone Upload Files to Dropbox without Sharing Folders with Anyone

Or try this one, which similarly lets co-workers send you files easy as pie.

Add 25GB of Free Online Storage to Windows

Despite all the Dropbox love, we appreciate Microsoft's SkyDrive as well -- especially since it comes with a shopping 25GB of free storage. He's a trick for getting drag and drop access to SkyDrive in Windows in the same way that Dropbox works -- right in Windows Explorer.

Dave Johnson was employed by Microsoft Corporation at the time this article was written.

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