The Top Business Services of 2010 (Rick's Picks)

Last Updated Dec 16, 2010 4:06 PM EST

Even if you don't work "in the cloud," as the kids these days like to say, it's a safe bet the Web can help you improve your business.

With that in mind, I've rounded up my favorite business-oriented Web services from 2010. Most of them are free; all of them will absolutely, positively boost your productivity, your bottom line, or both!


Talk about instant gratification: this free service shows you Facebook and Twitter engagement stats for any URL you plug in. If there's an easier way to track your social-network impact, I haven't found it.


Keep your hands on the wheel while updating your Facebook and/or Twitter status. Free service JawBite makes it a snap: just dial a special number, say your piece, and hang up.

LogMeIn's new screen-sharing, Web-conferencing service kicks butt with its stylish interface and zero-hassle setup. Did I mention it's free? It even supplies a dedicated phone number for free conference calling!


Phonebooth (pictured) is like Google Voice for businesses. It gives you a phone number, an auto-attendant, extensions for your employees, and so much more -- with pricing that starts at $0. Seriously, if you're paying big bucks every month for a business line, you really need to give Phonebooth a look.


Every office needs an In-Out board, right? This one lives online, making it a snap for you to see everyone else's status and whereabouts. It's ingenious, it's free, and it works like a charm.

Okay, those are my picks -- now let's hear yours! What Web services made your 2010 faster, easier, smarter, or even just a little more fun?

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