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The Three Worst Things About the iPhone 3G S

Like most of my kind (read: geeks), I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon glued to live feeds from Apple's WWDC conference. Cheapskate that I am, my favorite bit of news was the price reduction of the 8GB iPhone 3G to $99.

As for the hotly anticipated new iPhone, there's a lot to like -- and quite a bit to dislike. Here's what Apple got wrong with the iPhone 3G S:

  • The name: "iPhone 3G S"? Really? And that "S" just dangling out there? If you're gonna add a suffix, go with a "Plus" or "Pro." Heck, if the "S" really stands for "speed" like Apple says, call it the iPhone 3G Speed.
  • The upgrade policy: Because the iPhone plays a role in my professional life, I'd love to get the new model. In fact, I kind of need to. However, only new customers and those adding new lines of service are eligible for the $199/$299 pricing. Folks like me have to pay an extra $200! Way to flip off your existing customers, Apple. Think I'll pass.
  • Tethering and MMS delayed: The new iPhone will be available next week, as will iPhone OS 3.0. But two of the most anticipated new features, tethering and MMS, won't be rolled out with them. They've been delayed -- and for how long, no one knows. ("Later this summer" is the current estimate.) AT&T gets the blame for this one -- but Apple gets the blame for choosing AT&T in the first place.
As I said, there's a lot to like about the iPhone 3G S (here's a list of my three favorite features), but the upgrade policy in particular leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. Why Apple chose to exact a penalty from existing customers is beyond me.

What do you think? Is the iPhone so damn awesome that a few missteps are easy to overlook? Or do these gaffes shake some serious dew off the lily? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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