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The Three Best Things About the iPhone 3G S

Now that I've shared my complaints about the just-announced iPhone 3G S, let's turn our attention to the good stuff. Granted, the new model doesn't dispense hot chocolate or let users replace the battery, but it does offer some mighty nice amenities. My three favorites:

  • The camera Now that the iPhone can snap 3-megapixel photos, you can realistically leave your digital camera behind. Plus, at long last, the iPhone can shoot video as well. And 30-fps, VGA-quality video at that. Do yourself a favor and stay sober at the next company picnic -- otherwise it's going straight to YouTube!
  • Find My iPhone If your phone goes missing, you can send it an "I'm Lost" message that appears onscreen like a text message, thus enabling the finder to return it. If that doesn't get results, you can erase the entire phone remotely, thus ensuring your data stays safe. (If the phone does turn up, everything will get restored the next time you sync.) The bad news: Only MobileMe subscribers can tap this feature. At least there's finally a good reason to sign up!
  • Voice control Like MMS and tethering, voice dialing is something the iPhone should have had on day one. But it's here at last, along with other voice-operated features (like music controls: "Play songs by Brendan Benson"). Sure wish OS 3.0 would add these capabilities to my iPhone 3G.
What features do you like best in the iPhone 3G S? The faster performance? The improved battery life? I know Dave's vote: the 32GB model. (I get by fine with 16GB.) Sound off in the comments. Of course, if you just want us to shut the hell up about the iPhone already, feel free to mention that, too.