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The Single Most Important Thing in Sales

Here's a video where Chrisopher Croner, author of the book "Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again", discusses the importance of optimism to success in sales.

Croner actually sees "optimism" as one of three key elements of "drive." (The other two are "competitiveness" and "need for acheivement." He makes a convincing case, but there are (needless to say) many opinions on this subject. I'm curious what you guys (the REAL experts) think, so here's a poll:

BTW, Croner was kind enough to give me a call to thank me for posting his video and to help clarify his viewpoint. He told me that his practice focuses on the "hunter" side of sales, which makes sense, based upon his views.

Full Disclosure: I write for SellingPower magazine, the producers of this video,
which also has a distribution agreement with BNET for video content.

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