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The sillier side of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign website

Hillary Clinton's newly-launched campaign website,, has a number of features you might expect, from a gauzy biography section to a streamlined donation page.

One feature you might not expect, though, is the website's 404 error page, which pops up when someone tries to access a nonexistent page within the site.

The page shows an old photo of Hillary Clinton, with her husband Bill and daughter Chelsea, all wearing duck hats and posing with a person in a Donald Duck costume.

"Oops, that link wasn't what it was quacked up to be," reads the text below the photo. "But while you're here, how about signing up to volunteer?" A link to the campaign's volunteer form is provided.

And because no aspect of a presidential launch this big can go unscrutinized, the website's campaign logo is also inspiring some fun. The logo, a blue "H" with a red arrow pointing to the right, has drawn mixed reviews, but at least one person apparently enjoyed it enough to create an entire font based on it.

Graphic designer Rick Wolffe tweeted the new font, which he named "Hillary Bold" or "Hillvetica," on Monday.

Wolff's efforts didn't go unnoticed by Clinton's team, which quickly tweeted a message created using the Washington Post's "Hillvetica" slogan tool:

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