​The second most-famous Christmas story ever told

The story of "A Christmas Carol" 04:13

In the 172 years since it was first published, "A Christmas Carol" has never been out of print. It's been adapted into stage productions and at least 50 movie and television versions.

It may surprise you which one our experts think is the most faithful: "I think that you probably can't go wrong with 'The Muppet Christmas Carol,'" said Price.

Jones added: "I think the Muppets one, if not the best version, it's certainly up there with the best versions 'cause it gets the meaning. So many film versions lose the meaning -- it's about the spirit of Christmas. Christmas is not about you; it's about other people. And I think the Muppets do get that, and it's such a warm version."

"For many it seems that the story of 'A Christmas Carol' has become the meaning of Christmas," said Rocca.

"It has for many people," said Jones. "'A Christmas Carol' is an integral part of Christmas, and it has been since it was written in 1843. The interesting thing is, I often refer to it as being the second most-famous Christmas story ever told."

The first being, well, you know ...

"It's almost like a Christmas present in its own right," said Jones. "It's Dickens' present to the world."

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