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The Right Wedding Mood With Tables

Today's table settings are anything but boring.

Pairing colors and patterns that mix and match is the modern update to reception tables, says party and wedding planner Colin Cowie. Plus, he says, it is a great way to add your personal style to wedding tables.

On Wednesday morning, The Early Show will look at wedding tables for the "Wedding in a Week" series to help Lauren Anderson and Craig Shand decorate for their big day.

Cowie demonstrates three tables — traditional, modern, and country. He says each has its own style, and explains the wedding tables create the right "mood" for the wedding reception.

He says to determine what your "style" is, you should first define who you are as a couple. You should discuss likes and dislikes. Start by asking yourselves some basic questions such as: "What do we enjoy during our spare time? What is our favorite season? What is our favorite era? What is our favorite color?"

Cowie says the answers will help you develop your personal reception style and will get you on the right path to develop a wedding-day theme.

Your theme doesn't have to be something complex. It can be as simple as a color theme. Cowie says the personal touches are the thread that brings together the entire wedding day.

The flower used is another determining factor to a reception setting. The Early Show saw various floral wedding arrangements on Tuesday, which will tie together to Lauren Anderson and Craig Shand's wedding theme. The décor and style of floral arrangements will determine the "mood" you may want to set at the reception. So, Cowie says, keep that in mind as you select your table settings and your flowers.

Tables no longer need to look exactly alike, according to Cowie. Choose a theme, but each table can be a little different from the next and yet maintain the same style.

Cowie says lighting is a key ingredient to setting the mood of the reception. He says he is a big fan of candles. He believes candles create a warm, intimate atmosphere, whether you're having a reception for 50 or 300 people.

Just remember to be creative and "KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetie," Cowie says.

Elegant doesn't mean boring. It can be chic, sexy and modern.