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'The Office' to 'Mad Men': TV Guide to Career Advice - Lesson 3 of 8

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30 Rock

Tina Fey as Liz Lemon (NBC)

  • Lesson: Have a confidante

Liz has a constant companion in network executive Jack Donaghy (co-star Alec Baldwin). If she needs a pep talk or a brainstorm buddy, he’s there for her. “It’s extremely important to have someone who we can share perspectives with,” says John M. McKee, CEO and founder of the Los Angeles-based BusinessSuccessCoach.Net.

For Liz, Jack is also her window into an old boy’s club. “She recognizes she’s in a hierarchal organization pretty well-dominated by guys, and uses Jack to be her confidante, to think aloud with and learn from,” adds McKee.

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