The Notebook: Executive Orders

Katie's on assignment. I'm Seth Doane.

It's the latest sign that there's a new sheriff in town. With the stroke of a pen, President Obama has turned back two more Bush Administration policies. One order makes the EPA reconsider whether states may implement tougher auto emissions standards. Environmental groups cheer the move. Automakers, though already skidding on economic black ice, worry how to pay for it.

Last week, Mr. Obama reversed policies on interrogation procedures, Guantanamo Bay, and funding for international groups that provide abortions.

The new president is moving fast on his campaign promises, but it comes with a price. His approval rating is now 68 percent. That's still high, but it's down from 74 percent before the inauguration.

As he makes these tough decisions, Mr. Obama won't please everyone. The honeymoon isn't over, but after all that talk of national unity just last week, the romance might be cooling just a bit.