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The Next Great Sales Tool: Marijuana?!?

Today's New York Times contains an article explaining how some businesses are locating next to "medical" marijuana stores, as well as advertising to attract "medical" marijuana users. The businesses in the article sell "munchies" appropriate for the suddenly ravenous, but I know a trend when I see it.

For millenia, sales professionals have used alcohol to loosen up customers, build rapport and move a sale forward. So, with marijuana going legal, how long do you think it will be before sales pros and prospects start lighting up a doobie before (or after) doing some serious business?

And I'm not entirely sure that's a good idea.

I must admit that my specific experiences with marijuana fall into the general category of "if you can remember the 60s you weren't really there."

However, I do recall that pot smokers were dull conversationalists. The typical example either talked about 1) how stoned he was; 2) how stoned he was last time he got stoned; or 3) his ear.

That last item might require a bit of explanation. For some reason, every time somebody took a hit of pot, they'd hand the joint to the next person and say "Ear." I never did figure out why.

Anyway, I'm having trouble imagining what kind of business deals will emerge from these smokey powwows. I do know one thing, though. The stock prices for potato chip firms will rise through the roof!!

Anyway, here's an (anonymous) poll so you can express your opinion freely: