The Message Everyone Should Hear

Let's play a little game. In a second or two I'd like you to close your eyes and imagine a room full of people.

It's up to you how big the room and how many people. Me, I'd go for a biggish space and around 70 folk. The assembled are a mix of potentially ideal clients for your business and people connected in some way to ideal clients.

In other words, you've stumbled across a rather special gathering. Okay, close your eyes for a few seconds and picture it.

Great job. Now let's imagine you are given the opportunity --- in the form of a 30-second time slot --- to deliver a key message to these attentive and interested people.

You're not there to answer questions. Nor can you expand your message. You simply have to deliver the words and disappear. Oh yes, and you're full of confidence so don't worry about speaking in public. In case you were.

Obviously you want the message to hit home and make an impression.

So what are you going to say?

Now at this point you're either feeling very comfortable having rattled off your phrase with gusto, or you're twitching a bit in your seat and reassuring yourself it's only a game.

If it's the former, take the rest of the day off. If it's the latter, you have some work to do.

Having a key message is such an important part of our marketing arsenal that you really cannot be without it.

It's not only a key weapon in a room full of interested people. A well-crafted message has numerous applications:

  • on the footer of every email you send
  • on your letterheads and business cards
  • on your website
  • even on your car and clothing ... well, maybe.
In a typical week the majority of us "meet" the equivalent of a room full of people by one means or another. Are you making the most of your 30 seconds?

If you know you need to improve, you may this little article useful. If you're pretty confident already shout out your message below or at least lurk in the shadows and see what others say.