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The Loneliness Of The Impeached Governor

Embattled Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was out running in Chicago today when he was impeached by the Illinois House.

When reporters caught up with him after the run, Blagojevich declined to answer questions about his impeachment. But he did offer something of a philosophical reflection.

"Let me simply say I feel like the old Alan Sillitoe short story 'The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner,'" the governor said, as the Associated Press reports. "... And that's what this is by the way, a long-distance run."

The story referenced by the governor features a juvenile delinquent sent to a youth prison for robbing a bakery; he turns to running as a relief from his difficult life. An excerpt:

"… running has always been made much of in our family, especially running away from the police. I've always been a good runner, quick and with a big stride as well, the only trouble being that no matter how fast I run, and I did a very fair lick even though I do say so myself, it didn't stop me getting caught by the cops after that bakery job."
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