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"The Lone Ranger": First trailer released

Armie Hammer, star of the Disney's new film "The Lone Ranger," brought with him on his "The Tonight Show" appearance the first trailer for the action-adventure remake.

The clip doesn't reveal too much about the film, showing a montage of various Wild West icons, including a saloon and a train tearing through the desert.

The new film, directed by Gore Verbinski, is a remake of the classic 1950s TV show, which followed ranger-turned-vigilante John Reid and his Native American companion Tonto, who Johnny Depp plays in the film.

Verbinski told USA Today, "It's two guys who start literally and figuratively handcuffed together who end up on the same mission with completely different world views. They sort of rub off on one another. But they have plenty of disagreements."

Verbinski worked with Depp on the first three "Pirates of the Caribbean" films.

In addition to Hammer and Depp, "The Lone Ranger" also stars Helena Bonham Carter, William Fichtner and Tom Wilkinson. It is set to open July 3, 2013.