The Last Windows 7 Roundup

Well, tomorrow's the big event: Windows 7 launch day. Though we've covered the new OS time and again over these many months, it's time for one last roundup of helpful stuff:
  • CNET helps you tackle the tricky question, Which Windows 7 is right for you? An accompanying chart breaks down the key features of each version of the OS so you can decide at-a-glance which to choose.
  • Next, Lifehacker teaches you to prep your PC for Windows 7, which is actually less about prep and more about the various ways to actually perform the upgrade.
  • Finally, PC World covers similar territory, but in a much more novice-friendly way, in How to Upgrade to Windows 7.
Okay, Windows fans, go forth and enjoy the new OS. And stay tuned for all kinds of great hacks that'll teach you to get the most from Windows 7.