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"The Interview" digital sales rake in up to $40 million

Digital sales for "The Interview" are up to $40 million, putting the Sony Pictures movie on track to eclipse "Bridesmaids" as the biggest online release ever.

Online success of "The Interview" an anomaly

In a statement Tuesday, Sony Pictures chief executive Michael Lynton called the total "a significant milestone." The film has been playing on a variety of online and on-demand platforms. It has also added $6 million in box office, playing in select independent theaters.

In early 2012, "Bridesmaids" set the previous record for digital release with $40 million in video-on-demand and online sales.

While record-breaking, the digital release of "The Interview" means Sony will struggle to break even on the $40 million-plus film. Receipts are split with distributors, and marketing would have also cost around $25 million.

The comedy prompted an international incident with North Korea, threats of violence and outrage over its canceled theatrical release last month. The decision not to release the film was widely criticized, with President Barack Obama one of Sony's harshest critics. "The Interview" later debuted in select theaters in addition to online.

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