The Government Tells Businesses to Plan for Swine Flu

Last Updated Aug 19, 2009 2:08 PM EDT

Are you worried about the swine flu, the first global pandemic in 41 years? Many public health experts predict more outbreaks this fall, as the disease mutates and kids go back to school. The World Health Organization estimates two billion people will eventually get the virus. And regrettably, swine flu vaccines under development may not reach the public until late November.

Across the pond, two thirds of British companies have already dealt with work absenses due to the swine flu. Law firms and other businesses in the United Kingdom are trying to vaccinate their staffs because they can't afford to give people time off.
Stateside, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke argued today that employers need to develop plans for managing both seasonal and swine flu.

The US government's full gameplan for businesses is available online.
  • Stefan Deeran

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