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The Gap Logo Redesign You Didn't Notice: a Typeface Gets a Tummy-Tuck

The Gap (GPS) logo saga has a final, unexpected twist: The "old" logo that was recently restored to its rightful place after a widely panned redesign has itself been slightly redesigned. The original, old logo had the crossbars on the G, A and P at different heights. Now, they're all the same height:

New logo:

Old logo:

Only design nerds will notice, but once you see the two side by side the difference is obvious, and the newer revise is more pleasing. In fact, the old treatment with its uneven lettering suddenly makes no sense at all next to the new-old logo's typeface tummy-tuck. (Click to enlarge the image at right and the difference becomes obvious.)

It seems Gap North American president Marka Hansen got her desire to make the logo "more contemporary and current" after all, just not quite the way she thought she would.

The revision reminds me a little of logo changes that have taken place at Google and Starbucks. The companies essentially kept the essence of their original brands and gave them a new haircut. No one complained. That, it seems, is the way to do it.

Hat tip to a BNET reader for pointing out the new/old logo.

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