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The Gap Gives its Word Then Contradicts It

watch-the-gap.jpgWe didn't receive an answer when we asked the question "Why do Indian children keep falling into The Gap?" We do know, however, that Gap Inc. won't sit by idly and watch children being exploited -- not while American consumers are looking, anyway. Gap's pledged $200,000 to improve working standards in India, and has also canceled half of its order with the Indian vendor caught outsourcing to a facility using child labor.

Half? Canceling half the order is almost worse than doing nothing at all. If Gap is truly committed to being sweatshop free, a good step would be to follow through on its promise to stop the work order completely -- even if the vendor only subcontracted a portion to the child-labor dependent facility.

(Watch the Gap image courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik, cc 2.0)

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