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The Fuze Meeting App: Best Reason Yet to Buy a Tablet?

Still not sold on the tablet's viability as a business tool? Take a look at the new Fuze Meeting app for Android and iPad and you will be. What was already a pretty killer tool for hosting and attending online meetings is now even better thanks to support for HD video.

Think about it: If you own an iPad 2, Motorola Xoom, or similar tablet, you can now participate in media-rich Web conferences, complete with live, multi-party audio and video. Laptop? Who needs a laptop?

I tested Fuze Meeting with an iPad 2, where it performed almost flawlessly -- and kind of knocked my socks off. After quickly and easily registering for a new account (which is free), I was connected with two other meeting participants, who appeared in real-time video windows alongside the main presentation.

Incidentally, that presentation consisted of slides, images, and some pretty gorgeous-looking high-resolution video. Because all Fuze Meeting content gets hosted online, it doesn't matter where you are (or what device you're using) when you host your meeting -- the content you need will be available to you.

The app is slick, easy to use, and packed with useful features. It's also multi-lingual, having added support for French and Spanish. As for the video-conferencing stuff, it's icing on the cake, especially if you're the host of the conference: you can share live video from just about anywhere (via 3G or Wi-Fi).

Pricing for Fuze Meeting Pro with Webinar (the subscription plan that includes multi-party video) starts at $69 per month. That may seem a little steep, but keep in mind that only the host has to pay -- attendees don't pay a dime, not even for the apps.

I'm really, really impressed with the new Fuze Meeting. If your business relies heavily on video conferencing, I think you'll be blown away by the ease and versatility of the iPad 2 and Android apps.

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