The First Battle Scar

You won't find any big cities between Elko, Nevada, and Salt Lake City, Utah, but the scenery is stunning – vast stretches of flat, sun soaked land framed by snow capped mountains in the distance. Tumbleweeds blow across this lonely stretch of Rte. 80. Occasionally we saw cattle grazing in the fields.

Right now we're passing the bleached terrain of the Great Salt Lake Desert. Nearby, the Bonneville Salt Flats, where racers come to set land speed records. We're not setting any records in this car, but with the Rte. 80 speed limit of 75 miles an hour we're making decent time.

We do have our first battle scar. The Prius had an unfortunate encounter with a large rock on the way to Nevada. There's a small crack in the front windshield, which we're hoping doesn't spread.

Given the temperature, I thought we were going to see frost on that same windshield too. When we got up this morning, it was below freezing outside, a cool 29 degrees.

Elko was the spot of our most expensive fill-up yet, $4.49 a gallon!

About 100 miles west now, prices have already dropped 60 cents. The Prius is giving us a healthy 39 miles to the gallon.

Up next, Salt Lake City, and then Laramie, Wyo!

  • Jeff Glor

    Jeff Glor was named anchor of the Sunday edition of the "CBS Evening News" in January 2012 and Special Correspondent for "CBS This Morning" in November 2011.