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The Best of BNET 2008

In case you missed these, here's a roundup of some of the year's most popular features, blog posts, and videos:

Return of the Crummy Job
How to survive — even thrive — in the face of budget cuts, layoffs, and sub-zero morale.

Smart Business for Tough Times
Businesses need to play both offense and defense to survive a serious downturn. Here are 12 tactical moves to consider now.

How to Lead in the Boardroom
Sitting on the board of a public company has never been more challenging than it is today. Here's what it takes to rise above the rancor.

Making the Right Management Calls
How five industry leaders set themselves up to not just survive the recession but move past rivals in a tough market.

Blowing Up Business as Usual
At some companies, employees skip meetings, set their own schedules, and take unlimited vacation time. Surprise: They also get more done.

Managing Millennials
Confident, forward-thinking, and 80 million strong, Generation Y will reshape the workplace. Here's how to get the best out of your youngest workers.

Gods of Sales
Six pros whose techniques and perseverance bring in sales from the toughest customers around.

The Best Business Books of 2008
You voted, and we listened. BNET readers' select the year's top business reads.

Podcast: Succeed Like Warren Buffett
Buffett's official biographer talks to BNET about the life of the "Oracle of Omaha."

The Year's Must-See Videos

Leila's House of Corrections: Laying Off Employees
Laying off an employee is one of the biggest challenges any manager will face. Learn three best practices to deliver the news with respect.

Four Secrets to Liking Your Work
By understanding your own behavior, negotiating tasks, and mastering your motivation, you can love the job you already have.

Guy Kawasaki's Reality Check
Author and entrepreneur Kawasaki offers advice on outsmarting, out-managing, and out-marketing the competition.

How to Present Like Steve Jobs
Apple's CEO is the most charismatic pitchman in business. Learn how to apply his secrets to your next presentation.

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