"The Apprentice:" Trump Wields Double-Edged Ax

The cast of Season 10 of NBC's "The Apprentice" (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

NEW YORK (CBS) Host Donald Trump got to use his favorite phrase - "You're Fired"- twice in one episode this week after the women's team handily beat the men in organizing a footwear fashion show.

Pictures: "The Apprentice"

In the end, Minnesota real estate agent Wade Hanson , who was the project manager, and Texas business executive Gene Folkes, who emceed the fashion show for Rockport shoes, were fired in the boardroom.

After scene of Folkes reading painfully from a computer screen - and Trump wincing in the audience - it was clear that he would be a target for firing. Trump said he had done the worst emcee job he had ever seen.

Hanson was targeted because he chose Folkes for the job and because he left no time for a rehearsal that would have made Folkes' limitations obvious and forced a change of emcee.

At the end, we learn that Hanson went back into real estate at home, capitalizing on his new celebrity, and that Folkes used his "Apprentice" credentials to ssart his own business.

While the show, which this season featured out-of-work professionals, has been losing audience share, it was cited in a recent poll as the most inspirational for job-seekers.