"The Amazing Race": Dates and driving in Abu Dhabi

Cousins Leo and Jamal travel by yacht to the Yas Marina in search of the next clue on "The Amazing Race," Nov. 10, 2013.

Dates (the kind you eat) and driving (of the race car variety) were among the challenges teams faced on Sunday's "The Amazing Race," as they went to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

"Afghanimals" Leo and Jamal were excited to head back to "the motherland" and were able to get on a flight from Vienna that arrived 10 minutes before the rest of the teams. It's a small time difference, but enough to give them a head start through the rest of the leg.

After arriving, teams head to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque to receive their next clue, which led them to the Irani Souk. There, they encountered a Detour -- Sort It Out or Sew It Up. For Sort It Out, teams had to collect an assortment of dates and arrange them in a specific way on a platter. Sew It Up required them to assemble a fishing net.

Jason and Amy and Nicole and Travis opt for the second task, while everyone else heads for the dates. The ER doctors bicker because Nicole did some of the ties on the net wrong, and they wonder if they should use their Express Pass but opt not to -- a smart move, because the other teams are all struggling with the dates.

Leo and Jamal get it wrong on their first tries because they don't notice an entire extra table with some of the dates they need for the platter. They ask Nicky and Kim for help, and the two kindly but firmly shut them down -- not refusing to share the information outright, but by saying they were working and needed to concentrate. Meanwhile, Tim and Marie are shouting so much that they're making everyone else uncomfortable.

Next, teams traveled by yacht from the Al Bandar Marina to the Yas Marina for the next part of the leg. Nicky and Kim missed the boat by what looked like seconds and had to wait for the next one, which put them far behind everyone else.

The Roadblock required a member of each team to drop 200 feet off the Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, then get in a race car with a professional driver for a spin around the track. During the ride, they had to check posted signs around the track to find the name and time of the fastest driver at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Most didn't realize there was more than one sign until it was too late, or read off the wrong name and time, and were sent back for another go-round.

In the end, the Afghanimals got to the Pit Stop (the race track's champions podium) and scored their first win of the season. Jason and Amy finished second, Nicole and Travis were third, Tim and Marie came in fourth and Ally and Ashley were fifth. Nicky and Kim arrived last, but, thankfully for them, this was a non-elimination leg of the race.

Tell us: Who do you think will win this season of "The Amazing Race"?