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The $200 Job Interview Outfit

Last week, I wrote about the essential $500 interview outfit. In the comments section, I got a fair amount of flack from frugal fashionistas who said $500 was out of many job-seeker's budgets. While I still think investing in a quality suit, pair of heels or briefcase is worthwhile if you can do it, I agree that funds can be limited -- particularly if you've been unemployed for a while.

So I went back to my expert, NYC-based stylist Allison Berlin, founder of Style Made Simple, and asked for her best tips for putting together a stylish yet budget-savvy interview outfit. Her first tip is to shop smart at budget stores like Zara and H&M (unfortunately, they don't sell online, but you can find nearby stores on their websites). Berlin also suggests scouting used clothing stores where you can find heavily-discounted designer duds (particularly helpful if you're interviewing at a company where they value that sort of thing). "A gently used suit can be just as good -- at half the price," says Berlin, who also recommends Target & DSW "for a variety of men's and women's shoes for under $100."

Shopping smart also means searching for sales: "Men's Wearhouse sometimes has 2 for 1 sales, when you can score deep discounts," says Berlin. And if your budget is truly tiny, don't despair. "If you're really in a difficult spot, contact your nearest Dress For Success," suggests Berlin. "It's a fantastic charity that helps women get back on their feet by offering interview outfits at little or no cost."

Last week, Berlin had suggested we "invest in a great fitting suit or sheath dress with classic details, in dark, neutral colors like black, navy, charcoal, and chocolate brown." Using this as a guideline, I've put together two interview outfits -- this time for $200 or less. To finish the ensembles, use what you have from your existing wardrobe. For women, that will mean a cardigan and jewelry, and for men, a shirt and tie. Go more bold with color if you're interviewing in a creative industry, and stay safe with conservative neutrals if your potential employer is more buttoned up.

$200 Interview Outfit For Women

$200 Interview Outfit For Men What do you think of these more budget-friendly interview outfits? Please share links to YOUR favorite items in the comments section.

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