The 10 Weirdest Drug Stories of the Month

Last Updated May 28, 2010 1:25 PM EDT

Unsolved murders! Pfizer stages a pig-breeding competition! Bayer buys a little something for the ladies! It all happened in May 2010.
  1. Drug shortage may imperil executions in Arizona Worldwide thiopental sodium drought prevents the state from killing its convicts.
  2. Test yourself for "hypersexual disorder" New DSM diagnostic definition is out, in part because people are already taking drugs to control their urges. Who will be the first to get an FDA product approval for HD?
  3. Site of notorious unsolved murder -- and home of Abbott Labs chairman! -- demolished Abbott's William Graham bought the legendary Lake Michigan property after the killing.
  4. Pharmacist says Glaxo is a deadbeat, won't pay recall costs He invoiced GlaxoSmithKline for $395.10 for work including contacting and consulting patients, dispensing replacement medication, and administration costs, and now demands justice.
  5. Pfizer's pig-breeding competition is open for applicants Successful candidates get £2,000 and a trip to London.
  6. Botox may actually cause extra wrinkles, study finds No such thing as a free lunch: The non-paralyzed muscles work overtime to make up for their beatified colleagues -- and cause lines.
  7. You know what the problem with Benadryl anti-itch skin gel is? You can't eat it. FDA warning triggered by patients who don't know the meaning of "topical."
  8. Guess what Bayer's new "Vaginorm" pill does Signs a deal with EndoCeutics giving the company rights to a new female sexual dysfunction drug. Yes, that's what they're calling it.
  9. Dennis Quaid sues drug maker over his babies' overdoses Twins got heparin overdoses. Qaid claims the low-dose and high-dose boxes are almost identical.
  10. Check out these whacky Canadian Cialis ads Law prevents Eli Lilly from saying what a drug does in a TV commercial, so they have women singing about how they like it in the morning, afternoon and evening instead.
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