The 10 Weirdest Drug Stories of the Month

Last Updated May 5, 2010 6:31 PM EDT

An electronic nose that sniffs out asthma! The Abbott Labs heir-turned-crack-addict! Vivus makes a sex tape! It all happened in April 2010:
  1. Vivus hired filmmaker to create "erotic videos" Director ended up making Orgasm, Inc., a documentary about the company's attempt to make a female Viagra. Bonus quote from the CEO on the meaning of the company's name: "It's Latin for 'alive'. I had the feeling that our objective was to put the life back into dead penises."
  2. Couple stole $250K from Pfizer in fake billing scheme Company paid 15 times the going rate for landscaping jobs.
  3. Everything you need to know about Generex, weirdest pharma company on the block. It makes Ba Boom, an energy spray and is hooked up with a gold mining outfit.
  4. Sepracor faces charges in vapor death Company failed to ensure safety procedures, authorities say.
  5. How heir to Abbott Labs fortune lost all his money Being a crack addict didn't help.
  6. Merck had "a bearish engulfing candle" And you missed it! Because you're not a bonkers day trader.
  7. Spanglish Rx translations endanger patients' health "Apply to affected area twice to the indicated day like." Que?
  8. My meds made me do it! "Compulsive generosity" made him steal from golf club. Was he on Mirapex?
  9. 'Electronic nose' sniffs out asthma But can it tell a Cabernet from a Shiraz? I think not!
  10. Orexigen: Math is hard! Patients who lost weight in drug test were overcounted. (How come they're never undercounted? Hmm?)
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