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The 10 Weirdest Drug Stories of the Month

A vaccine for smoking! Power hungry Eli Lilly execs! Flu shots from caterpillars! It all happened in November 2009.
  1. Biogen CEO pay = $148 million for 6 years Letter to the SEC: "CEO, James Mullen, has sold more than $85 million of stock, which we estimate to be nearly half of all his eligible holdings, and based on the Company's proxy statement has collected almost $63 million in total compensation."
  2. One in four teen girls have STDs Calling Merck's Gardasil sales reps: Another study handout for you -- and there aren't even any conflicts among the authors! Bonus depression: Herpes never truly goes dormant, new research shows.
  3. GlaxoSmithKline working on "vaccine" for smoking Perhaps it can be used alongside the "vaccine" for cocaine? Still in the hopper: vaccines for booze, sex, and miscellaneous fun.
  4. Flu shot made from caterpillar fails safety vote Could this be because the caterpillar was sitting on a magic mushroom and smoking a bong during testing? Article doesn't say. Curiouser and curiouser.
  5. Spray can prevent premature ejaculation Just don't hold a naked flame near Sciele Pharma's proposed new aerosol.
  6. Eli Lilly engineer accused of soliciting teen girl "Weisenberger, who went by the screen name, later learned the girl was actually an undercover cop, Detective Bill Pfifer." Hasn't everyone seen To Catch a Predator yet?
  7. FDA bans "RockHard Weekend" because drug might actually work. "The presence of sulfoaildenafil makes RockHard Weekend an unapproved drug." In other news: there's a company called "RockHard Laboratories"!
  8. Roche study busts "French women don't get fat" myth. One million U.S. women with brie in one hand and red wine in the other do a spit-take. Thanks, Roche! "The French paradox of being able to eat high-calorie, high-fat diets while remaining thin is simply not true."
  9. Justice Dept warns drug companies on foreign bribes Now why would they do a thing like that?
  10. Eli Lilly exec wants to be governor of Kansas Because obviously running a drug company and running the state are similar deals.
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