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The 10 Weirdest Ad Stories of the Month

Bogusky demanded respect! Tyson promised to cure you! And Berlusconi's people condemned Ikea! It all happened in March 2011 ...

  1. Did Mike Tyson just make one of the best ads of the year?
    His "1-Step Angry Birds Addiction Cure" is hilarious.
  2. Alex Bogusky feels the media is insufficiently reverent, especially to him
    In a blog post complaining about coverage of Crispin Porter + Bogusky's loss of the Burger King account, Bogusky wrote, "the advertising press doesn't know shit about the advertising business in that none of them has ever been in a senior job at a decent agency." Ad Age asked Bogusky why he had disabled comments under the post, and Bogusky replied, "You don't need my blog to comment with. You have a whole magazine to fill up with snarky industry bashing comments. Back to work."
  3. Did singer Bryan Adams dump Euro RSCG's Antonia Harrison when his assistant got pregnant? The Daily Mail reported that Adams was to become a father with his assistant Alicia Grimaldi, and had thus apparently two-timed his longtime girlfriend Antonia Harrison, the former longtime marketing director of Euro RSCG who is now deputy general manager of Leo Burnett agency's luxury division, Atelier. But the Mail's story has disappeared from the web ... Hmm.
  4. Ay dios mio! Who steals the bananas from reception at Agencia Loco?
    What are Hispanic telenovelas good for? Adding bogus English subtitles that make it look like they're about the ad biz, that's what.
  5. No, Silvio Berlusconi, your newspaper's ranting about Ikea's gay Italian ads will not distract us from your bung-bunga troubles Il Giornale condemns "Swedish Imperialism" of furniture ad in which two men hold hands.
  6. WPP chief Sir Martin Sorrell to become Lord Sorrell?
    Just to get the order of events straight here: Sorrell complains about the U.K.'s corporate tax regime under the Labor government and moves WPP's HQ to Ireland. He then tells the new Conservative government WPP will come back if they lower corporate taxes. The Tories hint they will do exactly that. Sorrell hints that he'll definitely repatriate WPP if they give him a seat in the House of Lords. Hmm.
  7. Anti-abortion campaigners buy ads on coat hangers Group apparently unconcerned by irony or history of household device used to induce dangerous back alley abortions in places where the practice is illegal.
  8. Advertisers rooked by fake porn sites
    Scam utilized junk pages, fake web traffic and hidden links to legit web sites.
  9. "Pedobear" image used in ad for computer distributor
    Way too many coincidences going on in this bizarre incident ...
  10. Cheap but effective: Durex takes advantage of "extra time"
    At the end of every soccer match the fourth official holds up a board with the minimum number of extra minutes the referee will allow to be played to account for injuries and stoppages. Durex said, Hey, that's us! (Oddly, no one thought to mention that generally extra time usually a none-too-impressive 1 to 4 minutes.)
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