The 10 Weirdest Ad Stories of the Month

Last Updated Jan 29, 2011 3:22 PM EST

Racist cereal! An awesome ad for vacuums! Metrosexuals no longer exist! It all happened in January 2011 ...
  1. Middle East travel ad omits to mention a certain country
    Oops! What's the name of that place between Palestine and the Mediterranean again?
  2. What's the worst ever Super Bowl ad?
    Lest we forget -- a showcase of dreck from advertising's Oscars.
  3. Of course Rush Limbaugh's Tucson billboard has bullet holes and rifle sights on it
    Maybe they're just "surveyor marks" or "direction locators."
  4. You know what America needs? Pajama Jeans.
    Now you don't have to change your clothes when you leave the house -- if you get out of bed. You don't have to do that, either.
  5. A Groupon for Jews! No, really
    What did you think, only the goyim get the bargains?
  6. Life Cereal -- for when you're eating at a Deep South lunch counter in the 1950s Art direction note: They didn't even bother changing the cereal on the spoon! (Click to enlarge image.)
  7. At Leo Burnett, "creativity is not an option"
    Seriously, that's what the venerable ad agency's chief creative officer actually says (by accident) in this rambling, long-winded, jargon-filled promo video. Fast forward to 3:00 to hear it.
  8. The best vacuum cleaner ad you'll see this year
    From Young & Rubicam: Who knew there was so much drama at carpet level?
  9. The most amazing press release ever written
    "483 words of pure awesomeness."
  10. Euro RSCG declares "metrosexuals are dead"
    Now Euro PR chief Marian Salzman -- who popularized the term -- needs to find a word to describe today's male: "chipped nails and calloused skin are now the signs of a man who can do something more useful with his hands than admire them." My suggestion: "Handymen." Oh, wait, that's already taken.
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