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The 10 Weirdest Ad Stories of the Month

Don Draper says "What?" Hells Angels say "cease-and-desist!" JWT says "tea, anyone?" It all happened in November 2010 ...
  1. Even American Apparel's store mannequins have to spread their legs
    Blogger notices a predictable theme in the apparel chain's advertising and store-front window campaigns.
  2. JWT "executes" world's largest cup of tea
    Presumably they mean "makes" world's largest cup of tea, but given that the 10-foot high cuppa contains 160 kg of sugar, "executes" may indeed be the correct verb.
  3. Porn stars who don't use rubbers tell us to use rubbers
    SFW video in which performers with their clothes on urge safe sex. Part of a trend in which X-rated video stars appear in ads involving no nudity.
  4. Euro RSCG: "Are Women the New Men?"
    Is this old cliche a new cliche?
  5. Fashionistas settle with Hells Angels in double-quick time
    Alexander McQueen, Saks Fifth Avenue and Zappos end Hells Angels' lawsuit over use of the winged-skull logo and name, which are trademarked.
  6. Adman will draw your picture even if he's no good at it
    "Every day I will give myself 3 minutes away from being a strategist to explore my non-existent artsy side. I will draw a new Twitter avatar of somebody in the advertising community (chosen by the previous day's draw-ee), and draw them in less than 3 minutes. I'm not an artist. At all."
  7. "There is no off switch on our ass-kicking" Ad agency Tattoo Projects' help-wanted ad has frightening list of job requirements: "Not looking for a bunch of bullshit talk about how you give a damn ... we also do stuff that almost gets us sued - by our clients! WTF? ... We are constantly under the gun and we like it that way."
  8. Delightful Czech T-Mobile ads show Chuck Norris as a softie
    He faints at the sight of a dead fish!
  9. Must see video: "Don Draper says what?"
    Collage of the Mad Men master saying the same word over and over again. Weirdly profound. (Also shows the quietly impressive range of Jon Hamm's acting.)
  10. Yes, those ads for online video games are basically just porn
    So that's what those ubiquitous banners for "Evony" are all about!
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