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The 10 Weirdest Ad Stories of the Month

Emergency billboards for Haiti! American Apparel's new burqa ad! Danish telecom nudists! It all happened in January 2010:
  1. Lamar Advertising will send much-need emergency billboards to Haiti Wah? Turns out the boards can be used for temporary housing.
  2. What if American Apparel used a woman in a burqa in its advertising? This is what it would look like. Meet Jasmine, she loves her socks. Slightly NSFW.
  3. Soccer's Landon Donovan is so famous in Mexico he does their lottery ads; unheard of at home He also has a sense of humor: As the most-hated American athlete in Mexico, the ad ends with him being run back across the border to El Norte as a voice shouts, "Culero!," -- a soccer insult meaning "asshole." (Video below.)
  4. Why does this Danish telecom provider use nudists in its ads? Who the hell knows. They seem happy with their service, though.
  5. Hackers air porn on electronic billboard in Russia Traffic grinds to a halt as X-rated movie replaces regular ads. (You can see the NSFW result here.)
  6. Obama puts on a coat; apparel company exploits the opportunity Billboard featuring the president wearing a Weatherproof coat will be taken down.
  7. Don't fret, Farsi speakers: the Census has ads for you too! Languages being added to the Census Bureau's ad effort include: Armenian, Farsi, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Urdu and Yiddish, while Chinese is being divided into Cantonese and Mandarin. They join the "traditional" pre-existing "American" languages: Spanish Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Polish, Russian, Thai and Vietnamese. Perhaps they could add English to the list -- this ad gets the difference between "disperse" and "disburse" wrong.
  8. Weird, compelling seat-belt ad will have you choking back the tears No one dies, and there's no car. Just old-fashioned acting and some jaw-dropping slo-mo effects. I defy you to remain unmoved.
  9. Don't look at our ads! Fashion world hates publicity Apparel designers -- misunderstanding the concept of advertising -- don't want their ads leaked early to blogs. Morons.
  10. Americans misunderstand cricket joke, allege racism Ignorance triumphs as KFC pulls Australian ad to avoid controversy in the U.S. I can't explain it either.