The 10 Weirdest Ad Stories of the Month

Last Updated May 28, 2010 12:13 PM EDT

Bosses who tattoo their brands onto their workers! The truth behind the Slap Chop! The YouTube revenge of the unpaid freelancer! It all happened in May 2010.
  1. Schick excels at shaving the hair off your nuts Overly literal interpretation of depilatory device.
  2. 200 staffers at this gym chain have tattoos of corporate logo A tattoo artist is often on hand to oblige employees feeling particularly dedicated. Now that's branding.
  3. VH1 uses "a boob with fake boobs" as a channel promo Words don't really do this justice. Extremely strange.
  4. British government employment service posts help-wanted ad for porn show presenter £220 per shift. 9am to 5pm. Must have good spoken communication skills. The successful applicant will be required to be semi-nude. No pension.
  5. Buy this adorable vintage Y&R ad that compares the agency to a turtle You can get anything on eBay.
  6. Quite possibly the most annoying billboard ever Twenty-five twitching, singing wall fish burping out "Shake Your Booty" by KC & the Sunshine Band.
  7. The Slap Chop is no good, this critic contends. No! I won't believe it! Infomercial kitchen gadgets road tested by the Boston Globe.
  8. Stiffed freelance ad copy writer takes revenge on WPP CEO Sorrell Young & Rubicam didn't pay him for writing that campaign for the Magazine Publishers Association, so he made a YouTube video ridiculing the agency boss: "Now I want my goddam money!"
  9. Omnicom CEO Wren doesn't actually have to die to collect his $41M in death benefits He can hop into his golden coffin even if he's merely "separated" from the company.
  10. Grey New York's press release on Yoko Ono seminar has obvious subtext Anyone interested in the question of who broke up the Beatles will like Grey's take on Ono's legacy, "perhaps never as critically appreciated as it is today": "Yoko Ono needs no introduction to anyone touched by the music scene for more than 40 years ... Her marriage to and influence on John Lennon is legendary." Indeed.
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