The 10 Weirdest Ad Stories of the Month

Last Updated May 5, 2010 6:35 PM EDT

Ads on funeral urns! Donny Deutsch gets canceled! Google ads are blind to porn! It all happened in April 2010.
  1. Cancer patient with months to live sells ad space on his urn. Slight problem with the audience: bad demos, low reach.
  2. Hispanic ad agency offers 'gringo masks' to AZ immigrants It's a protest against that state's new ID policy.
  3. In a bathroom in JWT in Belgium, there's a secret room ... Filled with little people who spy on you. Totally weird.
  4. Up to 29 percent of web ad clicks are fraudulent So that's who clicks on banners!
  5. Romance is not dead: the Taster's Choice couple will return Just not in the U.S.
  6. Donny Deutsch's TV show pulled after 2 episodes Keith Olbermann gave it a bad review.
  7. Has News Corp. somehow committed massive ratings fraud? This conspiracy theorist thinks so.
  8. Men will do anything except buy tampons Another chapter in JWT's social-commentary-oriented Kotex campaign.
  9. Are your Google ads unwittingly appearing on porn sites? Google (GOOG) can't read explicit images, which is why ads for lawyers pop up in the wrong places.
  10. Nothing like a lethal gas execution to sell a product Ogilvy's ad for an Asian breath freshener is unrelentingly grim.
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