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The 10 Weirdest Ad Stories of the Month

Chatroulette gets a sleazy new business model! Wayne Rooney gets fired by Tiger Beer! Who's sexier, Grover or Old Spice guy? It all happened in October 2010 ...
  1. Join the campaign to stop "Hey Soul Sister" by Train from being in every ad on TV This web site proves the song is the choice of the lazy client.
  2. How Chatroulette makes money from flashers
    Finally, a revenue model: users exposing themselves on the random-chat site are now automatically redirected to Hustler. Genius!
  3. Mad Men fans have too much time on their hands
    A Mr. Men book about Roger Sterling? A painstakingly researched office floor plan for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce? Check!
  4. Like Coke, Tiger Beer does not like a prostitute scandal getting in the way of its sports sponsorships A second advertiser drops Manchester United's Wayne Rooney as a spokesman.
  5. How to get yourself fired in real estate
    Salesman Rich Will Wanket (actual name) lost his job over an ad that promised, "It's all Real Estate Masturbation if your agent isn't doing the work necessary to help you buy or sell your home."
  6. Why shouldn't your beard have its own light show?
    Ogilvy copywriter proves the pointless can be done.
  7. Donny Deutsch sells Hamptons home for $30 million
    This proves the recession is just in your head, plebs.
  8. Spiked Gap logo can be designed in less than a minute
    Video shows just how little work was required to generate the controversial marque.
  9. Greenpeace links milk to fate of orangutans Barf-tastic New Zealand spot shows how dairy farming destroys the rainforest.
  10. Sesame Street's Grover takes on the Old Spice guy
    Anything is possible when you smell like a monster!
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