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Thanksgiving Wishes: TSA-Proof Underwear for Travelers

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New underwear features metallic panels designed to block airport scans. (Rocky Flats Gear) Rocky Flats Gear

(CBS) As travelers head home for Thanksgiving, many are feeling indignant about having to submit to those invasive, full-body scanners at the nation's airports.

But Colorado-based inventor Jeff Buske is offering his best wishes to beleagured flyers in the form of  special underwear featuring fig leaf-shaped metallic panels that purportedly prevent the scanners from peeping at your privates. The panels are made from tungsten and other metals designed not to trigger a metal detector.

"We are trying to do our small part to improve general health and enhance dignity," reads a statement on the website of the underwear's maker, Rocky Flats Gear.

Fig leaves not your thing? The undies are also available with floral or clasped hands designs.

"You shouldn't have to be digitally strip-searched or doused with radiation to visit your grandmother," Buske told the Los Angeles Times.

But in this age of tight security, won't the underwear keep TSA agents from doing their job and preventing underwear bombers like Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who failed in his attempt to bring down an airliner last year?

"If there is an anomaly that needs to be resolved, a pat-down would occur," TSA spokesman Nico Melendez told the Times.

With holiday travel just around the corner, the undies could make quite the stocking-stuffers. The patriotic prices - ranging from $9.11 to $19.84 - are about as subtle as a kick in the pants.

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