​Thank heaven for Leslie Caron

"You disagree with yourself now?" Pauley asked.

"Yes, yes, yes."

"You would like to argue with the author of your memoir?"

"Yeah!" she laughed. "If I wrote that."

"Page 271, I've circled it. 'The best part of my life is over. Now is the time to reflect.'"

"Okay. And I reflect that it's not over!" she laughed.

And life coming full circle: This past week, Caron came to New York to see the hit Broadway musical , "An American in Paris," starring Leanne Cope as Lise -- the role Leslie Caron created.

"Not many people get the kind of incredible gift that you and I were given," Caron told Cope.

"It's true. It does feel like a gift," Cope said.

"Plucked, and there you are on a silver platter. This magnificent part in a grand production.

Caron told Pauley of Cope's performance, "She just bursts forward like a little jewel, like beauty, charm, modesty. You wouldn't expect that in somebody who plays the lead, and you quite understand that he falls in love with her. She really does it beautifully."

Pauley asked, "Were you ever coming in and out of it -- me, her, me, her?"

"I could see the shadow of me way back, yes, the memory of what I was like."

And maybe the audience last Tuesday night did, too, as Caron was welcomed to the stage.

"I'm having a wonderful time," Caron said. "I really relish it."

Actress Leslie Caron, who starred in the film, "An American in Paris," is presented with flowers by the cast of the Broadway musical, "An American in Paris." Apples and Oranges Studios/AP

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