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Texas company recalls contaminated water, unapproved herbs, then shuts down

A second-generation family-run business operating out of Dimmitt, Texas, is no more. McDaniel Life-Line is closing up shop after issuing two recalls within a month for products found by federal regulators to be contaminated with a potentially dangerous bacteria or skin-burning ingredients that could potentially disfigure users.

All Life-Line Water, sold online to consumers in the U.S. and Canada, is being recalled after analysis by the Food and Drug Administration found the product to be tainted with pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacteria that can cause blood infections in those with weakened immune systems, leading to serious illness or death. 

The recalled product -- touted as a way to balance the body's metabolism -- is sold in 1-gallon bottles. McDaniel Life-Line issued a press release telling customers they shouldn't use the water, according to a notice posted this week by the FDA. 

The number given for consumers to call had been disconnected, and the company's site included a notice: "due to circumstances beyond our control, McDaniel Life-Line is no longer in business."

McDaniel Life-Line did not respond to a request for comment.

The FDA in mid-February alerted McDaniel Life-Line customers that an unapproved Indian herb sold by the company was being recalled, as some ingredients might burn the skin and cause serious injury. 

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Urging people to stop using the product, the FDA warned that it "could result in disfiguring chemical amputation, which could require plastic surgery." The company had received one report of an injury related to its product, according to the agency.

The company sold the herb -- billed as helpful for blood disorders or abnormal growths -- to consumers in the U.S. Italy, Canada, Australia and Poland through its website. 

According to the McDaniel Life-Line's website, the company started at least two decades ago, with founder Russell McDaniel selling his products by word of mouth from Felt, Oklahoma. He formed the company with his son and daughter in 2002, the year that online sales began, the family's description said.

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