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A new feature from your Retail Team debuts this morning, because I just can't take any more bad news (Old Navy comps down 24 percent in September! Sweet Mother of God!):

Send me success stories. Send me big ideas to make it through the next couple of months.

I have a couple I'll post later today, from Multichannel Merchant magazine and retail consultant Robert Gordman.

People still have to buy things. How do smart retailers get them through the door and convert them to customers?

Busted FlatWhich social media platforms drive sales and which are gimmicks?

What are the best practices in managing inventory at the warehouse as retail sales slow and your DC backs up?

What tools give you the best visibility through the supply chain? How do you keep your sales staff rightsized and still motivated?

What retailers, packaged goods companies, and apparel companies do you admire? Who does it right?

Got a great idea? Hit the comment field or e-mail me and I'll do a story.

We're all in this together, ladies and gentlemen.

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