Telecom Roundup: Virgin Cuts, China Mobile App Store, WiMAX for Africa, More

Virgin Mobile to cut ten percent of staff -- Virgin Mobile will cut ten percent of its staff in New Jersey and California, which translates into 45 people. The trigger? "Continued synergies" by from the acquisition of Helio and outsourcing of IT functions to IBM. [Source: Silicon Alley Insider]

China Mobile to open app store -- China Mobile, eyeing the success of Apple's and Google's online applications stores, is creating one of its own. The company is the world's largest mobile phone service provider. [Source: Computerworld]

Meraki aims for municipal Wi-Fi -- Municipal Wi-Fi may have seemed dead as of last year, but this start-up, based on an MIT meshed networking project and partly funded by Google, is trying to organically grow a network in San Francisco as a proof of concept. [Source: Ars Technica]

Flash for Android -- Google has announced that it will support Adobe's Flash on Android. The feature is still missing on Apple's iPhone and is important because so much of the web uses the technology. [Source:]

WiMAX kit for Africa -- WiMAX vendor Alvarion plans to sell a kit in Africa that would allow governments or NGOs to set up high-speed networks. It provides equipment, support, and training for one to five broadband cells. [Source: Red Herring]

Feds find mobile users without help -- Contrary to popular opinion, the federal government can pinpoint the location of cell phone users without the aid of their mobile carriers. The information comes from documents obtained by the ACLU and EFF via the Freedom of Information Act. [Source:]

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