Telecom Roundup: Sirius XM in Serious Trouble, Motorola Bribe Developers, More

Last Updated Nov 19, 2008 2:23 PM EST

Sirius XM keeps plummeting -- Sirius XMsubscribers are cyber screaming over changes in programming. Maybe that's one reason why the stock price dropped to 20 cents. [Source: Ars Technica, Silicon Alley Insider]

Motorola hopes that bribes will woo mobile developers -- Motorolawants to convince iPhone and Android developers to develop applications for its platform. Management is hoping that some major "incentives" in the form of prizes up to $25,000, up to $200,000 total in prizes, will help. But the question is what exactly the platform will be. [Source: Silicon Alley Insider]

Apptera gets $10.5 million to put ads on phones -- The web advertising market has been seeing a significant shake-out, and no wonder giving the dynamics of ad money and the general economy. But apparently the prospect of new grazing in cell phone advertising has got people putting up money; Apptera just got a $10.5 million investment. [Source: BNET Industry Technology Blog, TechCrunch]

LG targets smartphone market -- LGhas introduced its first U.S. smartphone, with touch screen interface, Wi-Fi capability, a three-inch display, and 3G support. [Source:]

FCC transition co-chair does World of Warcraft -- Wharton Professor Kevin Werbach, who is co-chairing Barack Obama'sFCC transition team, is a big World of Warcraft player. Does that mean free gaming for all? [Source: GigaOM]

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