Telecom Roundup: Google Voice Search, Telcos and Internet, More

Google gets into voice searching -- Users of iPhones can make use of a voice recognition front end to Google's search engine. It takes literally any question with answers coming up in seconds in the presence of a fast network connection. [Source: New York Times]

Carriers lose control -- Experts are predicting that carriers are going to lose control over what users do on the Internet via mobile connections as an open mobile Internet comes into play. [Source: InfoWorld]

Do consumers want better user interfaces? -- A panel of experts suggested that television providers will have a hard time getting people to look to the their sets as Internet access points until televisions greatly improve their online user interfaces. [Source: Light Reading]

Telcos and Internet -- Nortel Networks and Alcatel-Lucent are looking at carrying video as a way out of their current financial problems. [Source:]

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