Telecom Roundup: 4G Patents, Android Phone Costs $144, TV Needs Low Price, More

Last Updated Nov 14, 2008 2:33 AM EST

ADC claims key 4G patents -- ADC Telecommunications has patents that, although not initially designed for wireless, are fundamental to LTE and WiMAX. Because it is not part of a standards body, it needn't follow any guidelines on licensing (and royalties), and because it no longer makes equipment, other companies have no leverage in return. [Source: Fierce Broadband Wireless]

HTC Android-based phone has $144 cost -- T-Mobile is selling the first phone based on Google's Android operating system -- and given the economics, the subsidy must be significant. According to a "cost model" analysis by iSuppli (not a physical disassembly), the HTC-built phone, which retails for $179, costs $144 in parts and materials. [Source: Reuters]

DoCoMo invests $2.7 billion in India -- Japan's DoCoMo has been facing sluggish domestic sales, so it has taken a 26 percent stake in Tata Teleservices, the number six carrier in that market. Although India's wireless infrastructure greatly lags that of Japan, it is the fastest growing cellular market. [Source: BusinessWeek]

TV service choice depends on cost, not features -- The telcos and cable companies are trying to beat each other out with services. But according to a recent survey, low cost is higher on consumer demands than many expected. So much for premium pricing. [Source: Light Reading]

BT to cut 6,000 more jobs -- BT Group, which runs British Telecom, had already cut 4,000 jobs, and now it's eliminating 6,000 more. Most will be either contractors and offshore workers. [Source: ComputerWorld]

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