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Tech Roundup: Sony Ericcson, Vodafone Back Android; Nintendo Partners for E-books; More

Demos call FCC dysfunctional -- Democrats in the House took 110 pages of report to strongly slam the FCC in general, calling it dysfunctional, and chairman Kevin Martin in particular as someone who played games with information to advance his own agenda. Guess that means no spot on the Congressional holiday card list. [Source: Washington Post]

Sony Ericcson, Vodafone, and ARM back Android -- Google's Android has some official additional friends: Sony Ericcson, Vodafone, and ARM Holdings joined the Open Handset Alliance, bringing the number to 47. The question is whether Apple's iPod can keep pulling in consumers, or if the company's pricing expectations will cause an increasing number of people to walk away. [Source: Reuters, AppleInsider]

U.S. thinks too small in nanotech -- The National Research Council came out with a report criticizing the U.S. approach to nanotech as lacking vision and misunderstanding risk. [Source: Reuters]

E-books for Nintendo DS -- Nintendo has announced a deal with HarperCollins to make literary classic e-books available on DS portable game consoles. Initially the program is only available in the U.K. [Source: Times Onlines]

Intel on track for 32nm chips -- The march to smaller geometries continues as Intel combines high-k + metal gate technology, 193nm immersion lithography, and enhanced transistor strain techniques. This continues the company's attempt to hit a new chip-related technology every 12 months. [Source: DigiTimes, CNET]