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Tech Roundup: Online Spending Up, Yahoo Hopes for Rescue, RIM Storm Panned, More

Maybe Cyber Monday should be Black Ink Monday-- According to comScore, the analyst firm that most everyone quotes on such matters, e-commerce spending on Monday jumped by 15 percent over last year to hit $847 million. It does raise questions, however, whether some of this is simply cannibalization of sales that would otherwise have gone to stores. In fact, it's hard to see that it could be much else. [Source: comScore press release]

Yahoo shareholders ready to believe anything -- Yahoo's stock more than seven percent on the rumor that AOL's former chief executive thinks that he can get enough money to pay $30 billion for the company. Maybe he's planning to ask for a federal bailout â€" everyone else seems to be. [Source: AP]

RIM rammed in Storm -- Research in Motion has been hoping that its Blackberry Storm would fight back against Apple's iPod. But critics have been harsh. [Source:]

Credit crunch slows Sprint WiMAX ways -- Sprint and Clearwire continue working on their joint venture 4G network plants. However, executives are indicating that the credit markets are making it tough to get the cash to keep building out. [Source:]

Fab spending spiraling down -- A look back at 2008 is probably not on the top ten entertainment list of the semiconductor industry. Semiconductor equipment sales are expected to have fallen by 28 percent compared to last year, with next year to see an additional decline of 21 percent, according to SEMI. [Source: DigiTimes]