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Tech Roundup: Intel Atom, Apple and Wal-Mart Rumors, Microsoft, AMD, Broadcom, More

Intel bets on small chips -- Intel's Atom chip is supposed to be the entry into the (hopefully) robust mobile market. Without getting a toehold in a big area outside of PCs, the company may face difficulties growing in the future, though the present is stable enough. [Source: Fortune]

Mayfield to open India fund -- Mayfield Fund has a new $110 million fund for investing in India. Target companies will be mid-market in technology, consumer, and infrastructure. It makes you wonder how many investments they could possibly make of a size that would make a difference. Or it could be that a dollar simply goes a lot further there than it does in the U.S. [Source: VentureBeat]

Tension builds over China review -- China is still moving forward with rules, to start next May, requiring companies to divulge technical details of their security systems, including data encryption. This includes a pretty wide range of hardware and software products. [Source: BNET Technology, AP]

Wal-Mart to have iPhone, but for how much? -- Rumors fly on whether king-of-discounts Wal-Mart will carry the iPhone, and, particularly, whether it might be a $99 4GB model. The Associated Press claims that it spoke with a Wal-Mart employee at a store who verified the selling part of the rumor, if not the price. Wonder whether that was before or after the "welcome to Wal-Mart" spiel. [Source: Apple Insider, AP]

Apple and new mystery device -- Even more rumors are flying about Apple getting ready to release a new "device category" next year. An IP-enabled electric toothbrush is probably a little far-fetched. [Source: CNET]

AMD gets smaller spin-off stake -- Advanced Micro Devices will get less of a share and less cash for its chip manufacturing spin-off. High tech executive at major companies with large cash reserves are still interested in smart acquisitions. [Source: Wall Street Journal]

Microsoft moves into Web versions of software -- In a move that you could have anticipated looking at the problems of getting people to keep buying new versions of software, Microsoft will offer online versions of its applications, including Office. [Source: Reuters]

Broadcom packs more onto wireless chips -- Broadcom is putting 802.11n, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, and FM radio reception onto a single wireless chip. More features means a better chance of working with whatever devices win the mobile machine wars. [Source: Ars Technica]

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