Tech Roundup: Apple Un-Mail, Engineers Get Jail Time, Sprint Loses Exec, More

Last Updated Nov 24, 2008 5:06 AM EST

Apple faces e-discovery bungle -- In its court action against Mac cline maker Psystar, a document apparently shows that Apple had no company-wide plan for archiving, saving, and deleting email. That could cause a problem in the face of e-discovery requirements if Apple cannot deliver documents that it is legally required to provide. [Source:]

Sprint loses exec -- John Garcia, once head of Sprint's CDMA business, which has 70 percent of the company's customers, is out the door. [Source: Silicon Alley Insider]

Engineers get jail time -- Two Chinese engineers received one-year-long jail terms for trying to pass computer chip designs from NEC Electronics, Sun Microsystems, Transmeta, and Trident back to China in an attempt to raise money for their start-up. [Source: AP]

Open mouth, insert PR foot -- A British PR firm publicly copped to a journalist that its client, gaming company Eidos, was trying to keep game reviews from being posted early so it could manage a compilation of review scores that heavily influences sales. Will the next step to is to admit that "all is spin?" [Source: Variety's The Cut Scene Blog]

IP misconceptions -- Although IP technology has developed over time, documentation hasn't kept pace. As a result, companies build applications and protocols using assumptions that sometimes are even untrue. [Source: InfoWorld]

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