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Teach Word to Fix Your Most Common Typos

The other day, I was chatting with a fellow writer when he admitted that he often mistyped the same word over and over. And while he always saw Word's red squiggle, he wished Word would just fix it automatically. I was amazed he didn't know that this was exactly what AutoCorrect was designed for.

You can easily teach Word to automatically change one thing into another, as you type. Suppose you frequently need to type the word "cabbage," but you misspell it as "cabage." Just do this:

  1. In Word, click the File tab and then choose Options.
  2. Click Proofing, and then AutoCorrect Options.
  3. Fill in the Replace and With fields, like this:

That's all there is to it -- now when you misspell that word, Word will fix it automatically for you. And if you'd like to see this demonstrated in a screencast video, check out Force Word to Auto Correct Common Typos.

While you're using Word's AutoCorrect feature to become a better, more productive typist, don't forget that you can also use it to automatically expand abbreviations and shortcuts into complete words, phrases, and sentences.